Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Introduction: Opening a Window

 Since starting Etsy, I find myself noticing colors, shapes and textures all around me. My eyes and heart have been opened to find art in all I see. It has rekindled my passion for art and opened a window of my soul. Hand-making crafts and discovering things from the past, bring out the little girl in me. Being able to create and find things that others love is a true joy! I was questioned by another new Etsy member "Why put hand-made items and vintage together?" I love them both equally, so why choose one over the other? Let's admit, some items are just timeless and can not be purchased in today's market. A handmade gift to someone is more personal and vintage items add so much character to any occasion or can be given as a unique gift.
 I love the look of Shabby-Chic, mixing the old with the new. I decided I was going to have my Etsy shop  specialize in Weddings and Baby Showers.Looking back to these times in my life, I found them to have my fondest memories. Most girls dream of one day having a Fairy-Tale Wedding and starting a family. I wanted to somehow be able to share a part of that joyous occasion with others.Maybe a chance to relive a Glimmer of that exciting time in the past.

 So take a look around my shop for that perfect treasure, gift or decoration, May it add a sparkle to your special occasion or someone.

Blessings from above,
Debbie  at HansCreations

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